Assembly table for roller shutters and venetian blinds

Manual workstation

Pre-assembly of side parts for roller shutter boxes

Manual workstation

Heated pouring tables

Heated pouring tables

Centrifugal rotary table

Centrifugal rotary tables

Concrete logistics


Machines for pressing brushes and piping in guide rails.

Notching and pressing equipment can be developed for any type of semi-finished products.

Glass cleaning robot

Food industry

Gluing unit

Fully automatic PA casting machine for round bars

Fully and semi-automatic casting plant

Packaging table with film cutting equipment

Packaging tables with film cutting systems

Clamping device for a table milling machine

Jig and fixture construction

Arm assembly trestle

Testing facilities

Assembly trestle for the assembly of crane arms up to max. 100 mto

Final assembly trestle

Testing facilities

Assembly trestle for crane assembly

Main assembly trestle

Testing facilities

Assembly trestle for the main boom

Manual workstation for brake part assembly

Assembly and handling system

Scissor lift table with up to 10to

Lifting equipment

Punching machines for sheet metal housings

Automated production plants

Slab track support system, switch support system


End machining of round bars

End machining

Conversion from hook chain to tractor chain

Bucket chain excavator

You still have a bucket chain excavator with a hook chain?

Then you should quickly think about the advantages of the tractor chain and consider a conversion!

Fully automatic annealing line for PA sheets incl. feeding and separation of the different sheets

Tempering plants for various raw materials – round material, sheet material

Fully automatic packaging line for cheese blocks

Food industry

Frame welding fixtures for resistance welding machine

A wide variety of copper welding jigs were designed and supplied for welding different round tube frames with expanded metal mesh for garden furniture.

Separation of shaped pipes

Separation of shaped pipes (round, rectangular, square)