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MBU develops and supplies special machines for the construction industry, especially for civil engineering. When our customers develop ideas for which there are no corresponding machines and systems on the market, the engineers at MBU are the right address. Together with our customers, we develop machines and plants that turn ideas that seemed utopian at the start of the project into reality. Special construction engineering industry solutions open up new realms of possibilities.

In this way, we have been able to supply a wide variety of machines and plants for tunnel construction to all the major Austrian construction companies.

The range of supplies extends from the development of special vehicles, which are both road- and track-bound, to various working machines and floating construction equipment.

For example, for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, currently the longest tunnel in the world, the company supplied fan trucks, rotary tilters for the fully automatic washing and emptying of Schutter wagons, track support systems for LVT single sleepers and complete switch groups. A mobile concreting logistics system consisting of three special machines was developed and supplied for the semi-automatic concreting of the track body. With this system, 112 km of tunnel track for the Gotthard Base Tunnel were concreted in during a five-year construction period.

For a project in Asia, a rail-bound system in the form of a horizontal paternoster with exchangeable concrete containers was developed. This plant was used to deliver dry concrete to a track-bound fully automatic concrete plant, which was also supplied by MBU.

The development and delivery of mini crawler tracks for the construction of e.g. drill rigs or mobile movable bridges for bridging invert construction sites has also already been implemented. We have also developed various special excavators, conveyor belt systems and special dump trucks for our customers.

MBU has extensive experience with bucket chain excavators with tractor chains, both as floating excavators and as land excavators with crawler tracks. Our range of services also includes the conversion and modernisation of excavators with a hook chain system to tractor chains.

For the cleaning of railway tracks, we have developed a cleaning system that differs decisively from those of our competitors due to its compactness.

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