Assembly and handling system

Handling equipment

In the manufacturing and production of goods or products, there are a number of different handling tasks which are often difficult for humans to solve with their own strength. Handling devices or handling systems are used to make manual tasks easier for you and your employees. Whether lifting aids in the form of assembly trestles, lifting tables, or even work platforms and winches for the assembly of wind power plants – our handling devices are a reliable aid for transport, production and other tasks that require appropriate handling.

Our handling equipment

We have made it our business to simplify your work as much as possible and therefore design various handling devices. For example, various assembly trestles or assembly platforms or a steel belt grinding system, which have been specially developed for the individual needs of our customers. But also complete conveyor systems, both for the construction industry, but also for series production or the food industry, are part of our scope of delivery. In addition, we can also build you a complete plant with several handling devices or handling systems – such as production lines for the sun protection industry.

We create the right handling device for you

Due to the multitude of tasks that require handling, we work with you to develop a concept for the handling devices you need, so that the system can be used individually for your needs. When developing innovative handling devices, we pay attention to every detail, as the work requires the highest precision in order to function properly. You decide whether the handling device is freely programmable or runs with full automation. We can assure you of one thing: with the right planning and our handling equipment, your transport or production will go faster and better.