Special machine automation engineering

Special purpose machines with fully automated solutions

Special machine construction meets automation

MBU’s engineers not only develop the plants, MBU takes on special automation engineering projects as a general supplier. Over the past 30 years, MBU has built up a large network of manufacturing companies and suppliers who produce and deliver the necessary components for MBU. Assembly and commissioning as well as handover to the customer are carried out by MBU’s engineers.

MBU offers its customers from the manufacturing industry solutions for the implementation of ideas in all conceivable areas. Our customers come from every conceivable sector, such as the sun protection industry, plastics industry, food industry, crane construction and many others. MBU always comes into play when there is no series machine available on the market.

Our extensive delivery spectrum ranges from handling and manual workstations in the final assembly area to special punching and pressing systems, milling and drilling machines for special parts, conveyor systems or special packaging systems. But also leak testing systems for cast parts, welding devices or fully automatic welding systems with preceding parts separation and feeding have already been implemented.

For the plastics industry, fully automatic melting plants with casting manipulator and mould carriers with the corresponding casting moulds have been developed. Fully automatic annealing plants with automated parts insertion and removal, including sorting and palletising, should also be mentioned here.

Stacking and packaging systems for complex components from injection moulding machines, including their gripper manipulators, should also be mentioned.

Various assembly and testing systems were developed and delivered for the world’s largest manufacturer of loading cranes.

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