Punching systems

Punching tools

Punching tools and equipment are widely used in industry to machine and form metallic materials with precision. We develop punching tools that work extremely quickly and accurately to ensure fluid production. Depending on the customer’s requirements, these punching machines work fully automatically or require a certain amount of handling. We build reliable standard tools as well as a special machine adapted to your needs. Intensive cooperation with our customers is a prerequisite for this.

Professionals in toolmaking

Our team consists of well-trained and experienced employees from the fields of mechanical engineering and toolmaking. We have already designed numerous punching tools – such as a punching machine for sheet metal housings with different sizes and punching units or an automated punching tool for roller shutter boxes with hole punching. We advise you on the right choice and the appropriate field of application for the punching tools. Together with you, we develop the right concept for your company so that your punching system works effectively and with precision.

Punching machines for sheet metal housings

Automated production plants