Conversion from hook chain to tractor chain

You still have a bucket chain excavator with a hook chain?

Then you should quickly think about the advantages of the tractor chain and consider a conversion!

Economic efficiency:

  • Reduction of wear and repair costs by 50%.
  • Chain service life between 5,000 and 7,000 operating hours
  • Favourable chain costs
  • Easy bucket change without opening the chain
  • Easy replacement of the idlers
  • No welding of the upper turret but simple exchange of the sprocket segments
  • Bucket service life of up to 20,000 hours due to the optimum shape of the MBU buckets

Further advantages of the MBU tractor chain equipment are:

  • Noise: Compliance with all environmental regulations, even after 6,000 operating hours
  • Increased performance: Significantly lower power requirement or higher conveying capacity with the same power input due to the smooth running of the tractor chain and the approx. 2/3 lower chain bucket weight than with the hook chain.
  • Bucket joints: Time does not stand still. As the inventor of the tractor chain for bucket chain excavators, MBU is still researching improvements, especially the service life, even after decades and can offer new bucket joints with a guaranteed service life of 4,000 operating hours and more.