Automated production plants

Automated production systems

Automated processes form the basis of a production process that should be as fast and efficient as possible. Therefore, we develop machines and systems that accelerate and facilitate the manufacture and production of materials or finished products. Our specialities include the construction of standard solutions on the one hand and the construction of special machines on the other. We help you to design the right production plant, which is then developed individually for your needs.

Production plants in a wide range of industries

Our main focus is on the manufacture of semi-automatic or fully automatic production plants that perfect the production process. We are active in a wide range of industries that require production systems. For example, we have developed assembly tables for the production of heat exchangers, an automatic packaging machine for large blocks of cheese, or a fully automated plastic melting plant including the associated casting equipment and tools. There are no limits to what we can do and we are not afraid of any challenge.

Experience and competence in the manufacture of production plants

All of our production plant projects to date have been carried out by our employees with pleasure in their work and the most precise planning. For example, we have developed new types of fully automated production plants for the casting and moulding of round bars or moulding materials. We also developed a fully automated plant for the subsequent annealing of cast plastic sheets for the storage and removal of polyamide sheets. In addition, we created a production line for cutting and gluing plastic sheets. Our many years of experience distinguish us and together we develop your individual plant for the manufacture of any product.