SAT 850

The SAT 850 side-set dump truck with a permissible payload of 85 tonnes was designed for tunnel construction, but can also be used on other large construction sites or raw material extraction sites. The machine is used for the removal of excavated material and for the supply of construction material. For this purpose, several skips are placed one behind the other at the working face or in the excavation area. They are loaded with wheel loaders during the cutting operation.

The special feature of the SAT 850 is that the loaded skips with a total weight of 100 tonnes can be picked up by the carrier without requiring additional space at height. (Ordinary skip loaders are pulled onto the vehicle from behind and require a height clearance during pick-up, which is not available in tunnel construction).

For this purpose, the empty carrier is parked next to the skip and the U-shaped rear carriage is lowered by raising the rear axle and the front carriage. The entire carrier is now moved under the loaded skip via the two crawler tracks installed transversely in the rear carriage. Now the rear wagon with the skip can be lifted and transported. At the unloading point, the stripped material is tipped off via the tipping device.  The empty skip is driven back to the demolition site, parked and the next full skip is picked up.

The use of the side dump truck reduces the traffic in the tunnel considerably, which also results in a reduction of exhaust gases, operating materials (fuel) and personnel.

Of course, the system can also be developed and supplied in smaller dimensions specially adapted to your requirements.