Machines for tunnel construction

Another example of our expertise in special machine construction is the manufacture of a wide variety of tunnelling machines. The construction of a tunnel must be carried out carefully and with the utmost caution, and problems regarding transport, storage or in the drilling process should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Work with us to develop a concept for solving your problems and we will manufacture the tunnelling machine you need. Our customers can confirm that we adapt our tunnelling machines individually to their respective needs and this makes us a reliable and competent partner when building a tunnel.

Innovation in tunnel construction

A large number of well-implemented projects in tunnel construction are proof of our innovative and extremely effective production plants. Whether for loading, processing or drilling – we offer you the perfect solution with our tunnelling machines. For example, we have developed a complete concreting system for the construction of a fixed track for railways, a rotary tipper, a concrete spraying system or track-mounted wagons to accommodate tunnel fans. The development and delivery of track support systems is also part of our range of services. But our developments also include special vehicles for tunnel construction such as heavy-duty trucks or special excavators and bucket chain excavators. Each of these special machines was built to facilitate and accelerate civil engineering, but also tunnel construction, which worked out excellently due to careful planning and implementation. Plan an individually developed tunnelling machine with us!