Welding system

Automation of welding systems

Welding individual components requires the utmost precision and care. When welding by hand, it is important to provide adequate protection from sparks, heat and UV radiation. To avoid these dangers and to protect you and your employees, welding equipment can be used that does an excellent job with detailed planning and concept development. A well-designed welding machine operates fully automatically with consistent performance and can speed up and improve your production and manufacturing processes.

Welding equipment is used in a variety of ways

There are different methods to weld various components. We develop the desired welding device for you. The focus is on working closely with your team to develop the perfect concept. For the production of steel garden furniture, for example, we have developed a welding device with clamping and welding station, which works safely and effectively. Another example of one of our automatic welding machines is a machine for joining shaped pipes with an included cooling section.

Welding equipment for fast and safe welding

Together with you, we develop a concept for the required welding equipment, which is perfectly adapted to your components to ensure fast and safe welding. We sometimes design welding equipment that works with full automation, thus relieving your team and maximising production processes. Our automatic welding machines are carefully designed and constructed and therefore work with the utmost precision and speed. Rely on our many years of experience and expertise and design with us the welding system you need, which will be precisely adapted to your requirements.