Bucket chain excavator

Bucket Chain Excavator

MBU has been building bucket chain dredgers in the performance range from 200 t/h to 1,600 t/h with great success for more than 3 decades. Our floating and dry dredgers with tractor chain are characterised by special features:

• high economic efficiency
• long service life
• low wear and tear
• high efficiency

We achieve this through:

  1. Innovative state-of-the-art construction
  2. bucket ladders in torsion-resistant solid-wall construction. The techniques used are insensitive to corrosion!
  3. Flexibility: By installing an intermediate piece, a simple extension of the bucket ladder is possible.
  4. Central chain tensioner prevents asymmetrical tensioning.
  5. Largely derailment-proof lower Turas. Both lower Turas wheels are connected to each other and equipped with teeth. This ensures an even load on the chain strands.
  6. The optimal shape of the buckets provides great stability against deformation and this means low wear. Excellent filling and emptying properties. Rod ends and chain flanges made of special steel, resulting in greatly reduced wear costs and a long service life.
  7. Particularly smooth running of the entire digging unit!
  8. Long service life due to stable and generously dimensioned construction.
  9. Forced-ventilated store rooms against condensation.
  10. Ergometric, modern workplace with first-class all-round visibility. Cabin is heat and sound insulated.
  11. Attractive design and intelligent peripherals

Conversion from hook chain to tractor chain

Bucket chain excavator

You still have a bucket chain excavator with a hook chain?

Then you should quickly think about the advantages of the tractor chain and consider a conversion!