Mowing boat

The collective term macrophytes refers to proliferating aquatic plants that take root at the bottom and can grow up to the water surface. These plants always pose a major problem for commercial waters such as bathing lakes and shipping lanes. Our modern mowing boat system offers a sophisticated, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to this problem.

Until now, the effective mowing performance of mowing boats was subject to considerable limitations due to journeys between the place of use and the unloading point as well as unloading work. The new system completely decouples the mowing work from transport and loading operations!

The mowing time can reach 100% of the operating time of the boat, because:
The transport of the mowing material is taken over by a barge that accompanies the mowing boat during the unloading process. An easy-to-operate pump conveyor with high performance, combined with a swivelling and telescopic tubular crane, is installed on both boats. This reduces reloading and unloading operations to a few minutes.

Power supply:
All main and auxiliary drives in both boats are hydraulic.

Personnel requirements:
Mowing boat: 2 persons, transport barge: 1 person, loading station: 0 persons.

We would be happy to offer you a system tailored to your needs.