Concreting system

A new type of concreting system was developed for the slab track. The development was necessary due to the length of 2 x 57 km.

A tight schedule and the highest quality were prerequisites for the high-speed track. The basic equipment is a rail-mounted concrete plant (concrete train), which was developed and delivered by a French company. The problem now lay in transporting the concrete to the paving site and transferring it to the paving station. The result of the development was a concrete transporter that picks up 5 m3 of concrete and transports it at up to 20 km/h to the paving site, which is up to 1000 m away.

Here, the concrete transporter couples to the paving station. The 5 m3 of concrete are transferred to the buffer container of the paving station and placed in the track area by 3 machine operators. 9 workers on the following work truck ensure a perfect surface and quality of the concrete paving. The buffer tank enables continuous operation, so that 220 m3 of concrete can be placed within 14 hours. To accelerate the construction process, a second plant of the same design is currently being planned.