Packaging machinery for the food industry

Packaging is an essential issue in our consumer society. And due to the fact that most products are traded internationally, it is of great importance that these products are protected with the right package. We provide you with extensive experience in the packing machine industry in order to bear a helping hand in constructing a packing machine and implementing a suitable packaging process. We plan and produce packing machines and conveyors that perfectly fit your individual product and make your production as efficient as possible.

The perfect machine for your packaging

It is our utmost concern that you get the perfect packing machine. Whether you need a semiautomatic or a fully automatic foiling machine or cartoning machine, you are free to choose your own concept. We produce sorting systems, carton erectors or even an end-of-the-line-packer with shrink wrapping and sealing to accelerate your packing process. We plan and construct entire systems with semiautomatic or fully automatic packing machines for your individual manufacturing including sorting plants but also end-of-the-line packers with the appropriate conveyor technology.

Systems for food industry

Our packing machines for the food industry are highly efficient, as our fully automatic packaging plant for cheese blocks show. The cheese blocks, which are inserted either fully automatically or manually, are wrapped separately in bags provided by the machine. The edges of the bags get aligned and tightened in order to make the bag be prepared ideally for the next step, the vacuum facility and sealing.
In case you are interested in a different kind of packaging, we can easily adjust the packing machines for your individual needs. Hence, we assure you of our professionalism in this particular branch.

Manipulator für Tortenböden

Separation of the backed pastry cases and automatic feeding in the manufacturing process.


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