The splinter extraction system for all kinds of splinters (roughing and “schlichtspäne”, wood, garbage etc…) essentially consists of the following components:

  • siphon pipe with a sucker
  • aspirator
  • Splinter separator in form of a cyclone separator
  • Splinter container with splinter distributor or compressor

Principle of operation:
The extracted splinters are drawn through a purpose build radial-blow fan into the splinter separator, which works as a cyclone separator. An extremely low design is made possible by special formation of the separator.
Via the cyclone separator the splinters are dropped out downward into a container.
Via a distributor the splinters are distributed evenly in the container to optimally use the container capacity. On demand a compressor can be built into the container.
The exhaust air is cleaned using a fine particle filter.
The blower drive can be implemented electrically or hydraulically depending upon the customer's request.
Throughput up to 100000 m3/h.

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