The sideways tiltable skip SAT 850 with an operating weight of 85 tons is for the tunnel construction designed. The equipment is used for the evacuation of the outbreak material and for the supply by building material. Therefore approx. 4 to 5 cavities get positioned at the working face. They get loaded with debris from wheel loader. Plateaus stand by for the transport of building material and special equipment (cement mixer).

The characteristic of the SAT 850 is that the cavity can be loaded without any required space in the height. (Normally the cavities get drawn from behind on the vehicle and need during the Muldenkipperacceptance space in the height, which is not available in the tunnel construction.)

Therefore the carrier-vehicle gets next to the cavity and the U-shaped rear end get lowered via elevation of the rear axle and of the front end. Via the two crawler tracks in the rear end, the whole carrier-vehicle gets under the loaded cavity. Now the rear end with the cavity can be hoisted. The vehicle can now be driven out of the tunnel where the clastic rock can be tilted on a dumpsite. The empty cavity will be brought back in to the tunnel and the next loaded cavity will be removed.

By the use of the sideways tiltable skip in the tunnel, the traffic is reduced considerably, which Muldenkipperconsequently also a reduction of the exhaust fumes, of the resources (fuel) and the personnel.



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