Transport services and railway administrations attach an increasing importance to clean stations and tunnels.

Main reasons are:
• An increase in attractiveness by clean vehicles, platforms and railway tracks.
• Savings in maintenance and cleaning costs
• Risk Mitigation (avoidance of operational disorders and fires)

Carelessly disposed newspapers, cups, Gleisbettreinigungswagencigarettes etc. are not only unattractive but also jeopardize the passengers. Therefore MBU developed an ultramodern concept to clean track beds. For this, MBU supplies the complete suction module inclusive the control unit.

Compact vacuum cleaner:

The compact vacuum cleaner is a flexible, customizable, powerful system for the cost efficient cleaning of tunnels and railway stations.
The aggregate essentially consists of the following components

  • Strainer
  • Separation cyclone
  • garbage- compressor
  • Turboblower and fine particle filter
  • Water tank

Blower turbine:
The coordination of the cyclone with the blower turbine allows an enormous air flow rate on a small area. The high efficiency of the wet dedusting is achieved by atomizing the washing water in the centre of the turbine.

The patented aerodynamic form of the strainer enables the formation of stationary air rollers, which improves the throughput substantially.

Strainer widening and track centering:
The side parts of the strainer can be armed out up to 50 cm to extent the strainer range. Due to a mechanical connection of the strainer with the pivot mounting of the railcar it can follow the track exactly even for close turning radii tracks.

Operation and control:
Video monitoring and a control devices together with an ergonomic arranged working place exonerates the staff.
Technical specification of the vacuum cleaner:
Length: 5800 mm
Width: 2300 mm
Height: 3500 mm over SOK
Dead weight: 9700 kg
Suction power: 65,000 Nm3/h; 200 KW
Compacter capacity: 1.2 m3
Inst. E-power: 210 KW
Hydraulic propulsion possible

Wiener Linien – Vienna subway

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