Manufacturing facilities for the tunneling

The construction of tunnelling machines is another good example for our expertise in the field of special machinery. The construction of a tunnel has to be done with utter care and problems regarding transport, storage or drilling process have to be solved as fast as possible. We solve your problems and construct the perfect tunnelling machine for you. All our clients can confirm that our tunnelling machines are designed individually for every single client and that is the reason why we are a reliable and competent partner for the construction of your tunnel.

Innovative tunnelling

A great number of realised projects concerning tunnelling provides evidence of our innovation and highly effective production plants. No matter if you need a tunnelling machine for loading, processing or drilling, we construct the perfect one for you. We have already built an entire concreting system for the construction of a railroad, rotation incline joints, a shotcrete machine or rail vehicles for the intake of tunnel ventilators. We are also able to develop and deliver rail support systems. Moreover, special vehicles for the construction of a tunnel such as heavy goods vehicles, special excavators or bucket-chain dredgers are built by our team. Every single machine we build aims at facilitating and accelerating tunnelling. Therefore, we thoroughly plan and construct your individual tunnelling machine.

Gotthard Basis Tunnel, Stützsystem feste Fahrbahn


Gotthard Basis Tunnel, Betoniersystem


Rotationskippe für den Tunnelbau - Gotthard Basis Tunnel

Single rotation skipper with fully automatic high-pressure washing for Schutter wagon with 70 tons total weight. The train set is complete without uncoupling, carriage way, pushed by the rotation balance. Each car is individually tilted by 180 °, where appropriate, emptied and cleaned with 4 high pressure rotary cleaning heads.

ARGE Achraintunnel Vorarlberg

Mobile working platform for tunnel construction for the bridging of the Sohlbaustelle. Thus it gets possible to make concreting work at the Tunnelsohle during operations at the working face. So the Sohlenschluss can be made directly after the excavation.

Lüfterwagen für Gotthard Basis Tunnel

Trailed wagon for the acceptance of tunnel-blower, double tracked traction operations warranted.

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