Handling equipment

The production of goods and items requires different handling tasks, which can be extremely difficult with one’s own efforts. Hence, handling devices are utilised to help you and your employees with manual tasks. Whether lifting aids such as mounting stands, lifting tables, or working platforms and winches for the installation of wind power systems, our handling devices function as a reliable assistance with transport, production or other tasks.

Our handling devices

Since we want to make your work as easy as possible, we design a wide range of handling devices exclusively for you, including for instance mounting stands, mounting platforms or grinding plants with steel bands. Furthermore, entire conveyor systems for construction industry, series manufacturing or food industry belong to our scope of supply. We are also able to build a plant with several handling devices or even handling systems for you, such as for example production lines for the sunscreening industry.

We produce the perfect handling device for you

Due to the fact that there are a high number of tasks that require handling, we develop a concept for your individual handling device together with you. When developing innovative handling devices we pay attention to every little detail to make sure that the device functions smoothly. It is then up to you whether you decide on a freely programmable handling device or a fully automatic one; however, we assure you that the right planning together with our handling devices lead to a better and faster production and transport of your products.


Mounting bracket for the main boom


Mounting bracket for the crane assembly


Scissor lift with up to 10 tonnes lifting capacity and a lift height of 6 feet or more. As two or three times scissor lift table possible.




Assembling trestle for the assembling of crane-arms up to 100 mto.

Montageständer für Raffstore

Assembling-rack for the hangings of venetian blinds with up to 5m width and 4m length.

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